Parking Garage



A parking garage with a volume of more than 3 million cubic feet in a large, private, medical center was polluted with bird droppings and nests. This structure in Northern Indiana had hundreds of notches, ledges and gaps in girders and walls where birds could roost and nest. Spring nesting activity demanded immediate action to prevent an explosion in the bird population, but exclusion expense was prohibitive.

Due to the facility usage, fogging could only be done late Friday afternoons, Saturday afternoons, and Sundays. Using a thermal fogger and less than two gallons of Fog Force, eight fogging applications within 50 hours were applied.

Each time the structure was fogged, all birds evacuated. It is clear that MA aerosols altered the bird behavior. The recommended elimination of all nesting sites has not yet been completed by building management; there are still hundreds of open holes and ledges for the birds to use, therefore, post-application inspections show some of the birds returning to the site.


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