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Solution Design


Solution Implementation



Flock Fighters USA has years of experience working in many different environments.  Every site is unique and has multiple factors contributing to its nuisance bird problems.  Flock Fighters USA will evaluate your situation; we will identify and codify your problem, and then articulate customized solutions.


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Flock Fighters USA has the knowledge and expertise to design a bird control solution unique to your needs, your site specifications, and the numbers and types of birds present.  We work on your behalf to formulate an action plan and procedural formulation that will give you the results you require, from start to finish.



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Flock Fighters USA is the Nation’s Leader in Chemical Bird Aversion.  We provide all the supplies and support services necessary for you to attain your objectives.  We will train you to apply product yourself, or we’ll provide the turnkey services to get the job done effectively and efficiently.




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