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Flock Fighters USA is committed to educating you about bird control.  The more you know about nuisance birds the better equipped you are in dissuading their behavior.  Whether a homeowner distressed by a few Canada Geese or a major corporation fighting hundreds of thousands of starlings, we want to provide you with the information that will best suit your needs.

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  Issue 2, 2003      MA Products:
  Winter, 2004   Fog Force
  Fall, 2007   Migrate for Agriculture
  Winter, 2007   Migrate for Turf
  Spring, 2009      Non-MA Products:
  ASSE Edition I   Feather Duster
  ASSE Edition II   OvoControl
  T & D Expo Edition   bd- and bd-plus Enzymatic Cleaners
  Wine Grower's Edition      Product Additives:
  AviHaze Edition  

Silwet for Migrate/Ag

  Special New York Edition   Turbo for Migrate/Turf
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  Bird-Vectored Disease   Wild Neighbors
  Consequences of Nuisance Birds  

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  Canada Geese   City Trees Magazine
  Pigeons   PG & E Environmental Services
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  The World and Work of Pigeons
  Common Questions from Homeowners   Canada Goose Egg Addling Procedures (US Humane Society)
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