WHAT is OvoControl®?

OvoControl P® is a specially formulated product to help control the hatchability of the eggs from resident pigeons. The active ingredient is nicarbazin, originally used as a drug to control an enteric disease in chickens and now developed as a hatch control technology for resident pigeons.

OvoControl P® is ideally suited for small and large scale sites and/or where pigeon nests are creating a problem or may be difficult to locate or access. The technology can be readily scaled-up to a community-wide program.  One professional applicator can effectively treat an entire community or area.

OvoControl P®, fed as a palatable bait during the reproductive season, prevents eggs from hatching. Registered by the EPA, the product is non-lethal and supported by the U. S. Humane Society (HSUS) and other mainstream animal welfare and conservation groups.

A formulation specifically for Canada Geese, OvoControl G®,  is also available .


WHY does OvoControl® work?

Nicarbazin, the active ingredient in OvoControl®, is a compound traditionally given to broiler chickens to prevent the disease coccidiosis, one of the more common and costly diseases in poultry.  A side effect of nicarbazin is decreased egg production and hatching rates. Nicarbazin affects the hatchability of eggs by changing the pH of the yolk and by weakening the yolk membrane, which allows the albumin and yolk to mix. As a result, the embryo cannot develop.  Because of this effect, when OvoControl® is fed to pigeons or Canada geese for the duration of their breeding season, the nicarbazin effectively reduces the hatching success of eggs. When nicarbazin is withdrawn from the diet, egg production and hatchability return to normal within a few days.


HOW is OvoControl® used?

Application of Nicarbazin treated bait begins 1 to 2 weeks before date of first egg laying for the geese – which varies regionally, and continues for 8 to 10 weeks. Bait is dispensed daily and monitored to assure that non-target species aren’t consuming the product.


WHERE can I buy OvoControl®?

OvoControl® available to professional pest control operators.  For more information, contact Flock Fighters USA. 


Flock Fighters USA is committed to your success!  We offer free support with all purchases, and will treat your site for you.  Contact us for an estimate.

OvoControl® is a registered trademark of Innolytics, LLC, Rancho Santa Fe, CA  92067


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