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WHY is an enzymatic cleaner needed?

Bird droppings are a guarantee anytime birds choose a site to roost, feed or nest. This happens in nearly all human inhabited sites. Excrement does produce odor and unsightly stains, but there are hidden dangers and costs which go far beyond the ugliness!

Dried fecal material has been proven to become an aerosol and will trigger asthma and allergic reactions. Health risks are heighten, for those with respiratory ailments and those not diagnosed. Many believe the cause of “sick building” disease is bird dropping aerosols introduced and distributed by the HVAC air exchange system.

Birds are proven vectors for many infectious diseases, which infect and can kill household pets and humans. Likewise, over 100 parasites and mosquitoes rely on birds for vectoring and reproduction.

Being organic, bird droppings will become slick when made wet from rain or irrigation. This will make walking surface hazardous. Personal safety concerns are paramount. Many species produce droppings that are corrosive, damaging equipment and structures, producing repair costs in addition to the clean up and painting expense. Wooden structures will absorb the manure’s nitrogen, producing a greater fire risk. In industry, production stoppage and increased costs is a threat, particularly when roosting birds focus on a site and droppings pollute raw materials or finished products.


WHAT are bd- and bd-plus?

bd- is a proprietary blend of enzymes formulated to depreciate bird droppings without any environmental impact, limits on site and without producing toxic/hazard slurries.

bd- is a low-foaming, multi-enzyme product. It is pH neutral and poses no threat to surfaces or landscapes. It targets the proteins, fats and carbohydrates that make up fecal material. The enzymatic action breaks up the complex molecules in the excrement so that natural bacteria can digest it and reduce the accumulations into CO2 and H20.

When a site has old, caked-on, stubborn accumulations, often a stronger solution is needed. Flock Fighters USA also carries bd-plus which has added surfactants to penetrate stubborn deposits. bd-plus has a pH of 11.4. This physical attribute neutralizes the organic acids found in many manures.



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