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WHAT is Feather Duster?

Feather Duster is an all natural and safe goose and bird repellent for commercial, agricultural, and home use. For use in or around agricultural crops and commodities and non-crop sites such as turf, landfills, ornamentals, buildings, and structures to repel blackbirds, geese, ducks, pigeons, sparrows and other birds. 


Feather Duster is safe to use around all food crops with no REI or harvest restrictions*.  Feather Duster is economical, concentrated, and all-natural with all food grade ingredients.  It is excellent for aerial applications.


WHY does Feather Duster work?

Feather Duster contains a mixture of lemongrass, peppermint, white pepper, garlic, clove, rosemary and thyme oils.  Birds are deterred both by the taste and the smell of the oil mixture, and learn the the site is not palatable. 


HOW is Feather Duster used?

Mix 1 part Feather Duster to 75 parts water. Apply 5 gals. of spray mix solution for initial application and 2.5 gals. per acre for follow up treatments. Spray to wet with complete coverage of area to be protected. 


WHERE can I buy Feather Duster?

Feather Duster is available in 1 gallon and  2.5 gallon containers as well as in a 30 gallon drum and a 330 gallon tote from Flock Fighters USA. 


Flock Fighters USA is committed to your success!  We offer free support with all purchases, and will treat your site for you.  Contact us for an estimate.


*Recommended to wait 10 days after application for fruit and vegetable harvest for fragrance to dissipate.



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