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Home owners and property managers of golf courses, athletic fields, cemeteries and other large turf areas know well the harm that comes from large goose populations.  Heavy feeding pressure by geese can kill turf.


Goose manure is obviously another unpleasant effect of large populations… but aside from dirtying the turf, it also pollutes ponds or other water features that exist on your site.  Goose manure feeds algae and other bacterial organisms and has been reported to be a vector for human disease.

Aside from the distasteful aspect of manure also comes the risk of liability when geese populate your site.  Geese are very territorial birds:  the injury that is caused when a goose attacks a person can be costly. 


WHAT is Migrate for Turf?

Migrate for Turf is a goose repellent for turf areas such as golf courses, lawns, parks, athletic fields, cemeteries or other areas where birds graze. 


Migrate for Turf is the best of modern chemistry.  It is a micro-encapsulated product that should be mixed with water and is approved for use in all fifty states.  When an appropriate level of Migrate for Turf is applied, it will be evident in the behavior of the birds:  they stop feeding and move to a new site.


WHY does Migrate for Turf work?

Since 1960, Methyl Anthranilate (MA), the active ingredient in Migrate for Turf, has been known as an effective bird aversion chemical.  Using this naturally occurring compound that is found in flowers and in grapes, Migrate for Turf works as a repellent by stimulating the trigeminal nerves in the bird’s beak, eyes and nose.  Although most animals have these nerves, only birds react to MA.  Other animals sense Migrate for Turf as a pleasant grape scent.  As a result of this  painful stimulus, birds typically avoid areas where several Migrate for Turf applications have been completed.


The EPA has classified Methyl Anthranilate (MA) as a naturally occurring flavorant, and MA has been declared GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA.  Being food grade, MA products do not pose the risks of other bird repellents, and MA is benign when applied properly.


HOW is Migrate for Turf used?

Application of Migrate for Turf onto grass begins with the dilution of the product with water to  at least a 4:10 ratio. Migrate for Turf can also be tank mixed with most other turf products.  Always use high pressure to ensure a small droplet size and complete blade coverage.  Allow the material to dry before allowing human activity on the area.  Full coverage gives full control until the mowing of the turf.  Additional applications will be required to fully teach the birds that the site is unpalatable. 


The treated area should be mowed just before application:  turf longer than 4 inches will increase the amount of repellent needed and could require additional treatments to achieve desired effects.

Apply under conditions favoring the prompt drying of the Migrate for Turf spray mixture (no rain in forecast).  Do not apply at high sun or in freezing conditions.  Apply Migrate for Turf either in the morning after dew dissipation or in the evening.  Migrate for Turf’s effectiveness may be compromised if the mixture is applied to wet turf or during damp, misty, rainy, or freezing conditions.


WHERE can I buy Migrate for Turf?

Migrate for Turf is available in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon containers.  Flock Fighters USA is committed to your success, and offers free support with all purchases.




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