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Commercial growers know all too well that birds in a field of ripening produce means lost income!  A flock of 500 blackbirds or other small fruit eaters will consume over 100 lbs. of fruit each day and will damage or pollute twice as much as they eat. Crop losses of 30% - 50% are common. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to lose the entire harvest.

WHAT is Migrate for Ag?
Migrate for Ag is a bird repellent that was first used to reduce damage to berry crops. It is NOW APPROVED  to be used on most crops to protect against all types of birds. Migrate for Ag allows you to protect your crop right up to the day of harvest with no damages to your fruit.


Approved for:

Apples Blueberries Cherries Field Corn Popcorn
Sweet Corn White Corn Table Grapes Ornamentals Pome Fruits
Raspberries Rice Sorghum Stone Fruits Strawberries
Ornamentals Trees Turf Other Seed Water Impounds
Fountains Non-Fish bearing bodies of water    

Migrate for Ag is the best of agricultural chemistry. As a micro-encapsulated product that is to be mixed with water and sprayed, it is applied to the fruit, not the foliage. Repeat treatments are usually not needed, making Migrate for Ag the best of both worlds: efficient as well as effective.  It is compatible with mot other agricultural chemicals and can be tank mixed with them.

The EPA has classified Methyl Anthranilate (MA) as a naturally occurring flavorant, and MA has been declared GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA: consequently, there are no reentry or harvest restrictions in the work zone. Being food grade, MA products do not pose the risks of other bird repellents, and MA is benign when applied properly.


WHY does Migrate for Ag work?
Since 1960, Methyl Anthralinate (MA), the active ingredient in Migrate for Ag, has been known as an effective bird aversion chemical. Using this naturally occurring compound that is found in flowers and in grapes, Migrate for Ag works as a repellent by causing an adverse taste which birds dislike. As a result, birds typically avoid areas where this repellent is present.

HOW is Migrate for Ag used?
For application with ground equipment, mix Migrate for Ag with water at a ration of 1 quart product to 10-20 gallons of water. Applying between 50 and 100 gallons of this mixture (2.5-5 gallons of product) per acre will provide adequate coverage on fruit surfaces.  Use of surfactants is strongly recommended.

For aerial application, mix 1 part Migrate for Ag with 3 parts water, and apply 10-20 gallons of the mixture (3-6 gallons of product) per acre. Migrate for Ag may be applied aerially only on crops with low leaf density. Always be sure to mix in an outside environment to provide proper ventilation of any odor.
Migrate for Ag must be applied using appropriate spray equipment. For better coverage of blueberries and grapes, the addition of a non-ionic, organofunctional silicone surfactant is recommended. Migrate for Ag may be applied up to the day of harvest, and repeat treatments are usually not needed.

WHERE can I buy Migrate for Ag?
Migrate for Ag is available in 1 gallon and 2.5-gallon containers and 4 or 5 gallon cases from Flock Fighters USA.

Flock Fighters USA is committed to YOUR success as a grower. When you buy our products and services you are also guaranteed free support.


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