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WHAT is Fog Force?

Fog Force is a bird repellent that may be used indoors and out to repel all types of birds, including starlings, blackbirds, gulls, Canada geese and any other bird that has become a nuisance or a health hazard in an area.  Fog Force is benign to the environment and leaves no residue. 


Fog Force is very efficient.  Because Fog Force is applied in a fog instead of a spray, the amount of repellent applied is greatly reduced over other control methods.  Also, Fog Force is more convenient than other methods.  It offers control at much lower costs than exclusion methods and the bird reacts with each application; birds do not become immune as they do with noise or visual tools.  With most species, expulsion can be gained with 5-7 days of repeated applications.


WHY does Fog Force work?

Since 1960, Methyl Anthranilate (MA), the active ingredient in Fog Force, has been known as an effective bird aversion chemical.  Using this naturally-occurring compound that is found in flowers and in Concord grapes, Fog Force works as a repellent by stimulating the trigeminal nerves in the bird’s beak, eyes and throat.  Although most animals have these nerves, only birds react to MA.  Over time, birds learn that the site is painful, and move somewhere else.


HOW is Fog Force used?

Fog Force is best applied by a thermal or ULV fog generator that will deliver a dry fog with a droplet size of less than 30 microns.  The smaller droplet size allows Fog Force to remain suspended above the ground, increasing its efficacy.


Best results are achieved when birds congregate in the early evening and settle for the night, during the day when they look for their preferred feeding grounds or roosting perches.  It is important to expose as many birds as possible to the initial application.


WHERE can I buy Fog Force?

Fog Force is available in 1 gallon and  2.5 gallon containers from Flock Fighters USA.  Thermal and ULV foggers are also available. 


Flock Fighters USA is committed to your success!  We offer free support with all purchases, and will treat your site for you.  Contact us for an estimate.



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