Thermal Foggers   Methyl Anthranilate Repellents
Thermal foggers heat the product to produce a dry fog of miniscule droplets.  Ideal for large or high structures.   Applying MA aerosols to a site results in birds leaving graphically- with no known harmful effects to the birds, people, or other organisms.
ULV Foggers   Non-MA Repellents
ULV sprayers generate a cool mist by using a high volume of air at low pressure. Ideal for waterfowl or when the desire is to keep public display at a minimum.   Non-MA products have advantages as well.  Use with organic farming, or repel mammals with these deterrents.
Ongoing Control   Product Additives
Combine systems with timers or motion-controlled sensors, and you have a COMPREHENSIVE SYSTEM that will provide you with full ongoing nuisance bird control.   Supercharge your repellents by increasing adhesion and wetting capabilities or by reducing viscosity.
Specialty Foggers      
The same repelling power as other foggers, but in smaller sizes to help you target smaller areas.      
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