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Starlings, Sturnus vulgaris, are winter's #1 nuisance bird in the eastern half of America. This non-native species forms winter flocks which can number in the millions! They create massive problems for cities, parks, industrial sites and farms.

Lethal control is not socially acceptable for many, but starlings have no federal protection. For small populations or isolated birds, lethal control can provide relief. Often however, the birds learn to avoid these actions over time. In cities and industrial sites, the number of birds can not be controlled by lethal means; there are just too many and where ten of thousands of birds are exterminated, the clean up and disposal of bodies cost more than all other costs combined!

The aversion product most often used against starlings is pyrotechnics - usually with marginal results.  While the birds react, the starlings learn that the aversion activity has no personal affect and they become resistant.

Control of winter starling roosts is simple with MA Aerosols. Delivery by applicators using thermal fog or with installed systems, most starling roost can be relocated within the week, utilizing proper tactics




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