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Canada Geese, Branta canadensis maxima, are the #1 nuisance bird for parks, lake resorts and marinas, golf courses and water front properties. These birds are non-migratory and will produce 12 full months of mess.

An adult goose deposits 3+ lbs of manure each day. A site can be polluted quickly by even a small gaggle. In the summer, goslings (which don't fly) lose their pin feathers and further pollute the water with their concentrated fecal material- creating alarming water-quality issues.  Some lakes and ponds need to be quarantined due to high coliform counts.  Goslings hatched on a site are imprinted, i.e. it is the center of their “home”. This creates a long-term problem as they will always want to return to “their lake”, to raise their families.

In other seasons, geese on a water feature will attract other geese and in the winter, populations can multiple graphically; so too does the consequences of manure accumulation and turf damage.

Goose control begins with inhibiting geese from reproducing. Egg addling is required to stop the gosling cycle. For large areas, or sites where nests are difficult to find or reach, OvoControl G is the tool of choice.

In the pre-nesting weeks, fogging with Fog Force can expel the birds before the egg drop. Once a female has nested in another location, she is locked into that site for 22-24 weeks. Fogging geese is also a way to expel fall and winter birds from a property.

Migrate is a turf-applied repellent that stops geese from grazing. When geese don’t feed in a location, they don’t defecate. Migrate is the best way to reduce the mess geese leave behind and is the #1 defense of individual homeowners with water-side properties and nuisance goose issues.


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