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Birds are stimulated to claim a structure because it physically fits their needs. I-beams or girders in industrial sites, power stations or architectural features in buildings, groupings of trees in a landscape: all these provide convenient perches for large numbers of birds.
Another motivation for birds to roost is heat generation. Whether a transformer, a heating- cooling unit, or a whole generating plant or refinery, the warmth produced draws birds, particularly in the cool seasons.


Many man-made environments provide support for birds’ behavior. Containment ponds are an ideal habitat for waterfowl. Trees in urban landscapes provide permanent, comfortable perches with protection for social flockers, which prosper in a city environment. Airfields simulate prairies and offer birds long unobstructed views to be safe from predators. Landfills and trash containers offer a smorgasbord daily. It is clear that the birds will stay as long as man-made environments match a bird species habitat requirement.


Until now, there have been few options for the control of the flocks of birds that invade and contaminate a site other than killing them. Many gimmicks have been promoted, proven as failures, and discarded: nuisance bird populations and problems continue to grow. 


Feather Duster

Feather Duster is an all natural and safe goose and bird repellent for commercial, agricultural, and home use. For use in or around agricultural crops and commodities and non-crop sites such as turf, landfills, ornamentals, buildings, and structures to repel blackbirds, geese, ducks, pigeons, sparrows and other birds. 



OvoControl G is a specially formulated product to help control the hatchability of the eggs from resident geese. The active ingredient is nicarbazin, originally used as a drug to control an enteric disease in chickens and now developed as a hatch control technology for resident Canada geese.


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Feather Duster





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