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Nightstar   Hurricane
The versatility of the Dyna-Fog Nightstar models enables automatic, unattended spraying, reduced labor costs and worker exposure to chemicals.  The simplified programmable controller inside the lockable water resistant enclosure features an automemory, constant display of time and display of the pre-programmed schedule.   Hurricane Fogger (Curtis) is capable of dispensing insecticides, disinfectants, deodorizers and more in both water and oil based formulations. Areas of use include residential, warehouses, schools, resorts, golf courses, greenhouses, garages, nursing homes and other institutions.
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Twister XL3   Cyclone
The TWISTER XL3 is an aerosol generator deigned to take the weight and stress off of the operators hand and wrist to ensure ease and comfort when working. Ideal for controlling Mosquitoes and other flying insects the variable chemical output capability make the TWISTER XL3 suitable for all situations.   Cyclone Fogger's ultra precision metering valve assures particles under 20 microns regardless of flow rate and viscosity of material. Great for pest control use in apartments buildings, greenhouses, animal confinement buildings, schools and more. Dispenses both water and oil based products.
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