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Fragrance Fogger   Micro-Fragrance Fogger
The Fragrance Fogger delivery system eliminates birds from many settings. It uses a dry air technology that spreads a time-released, bird repelling fragrance without the use of sprays, aerosols or heated oils. The Fragrance Fogger uses Fog Force bird repellent which is impregnated into the replaceable cartridges for easy use and maintenance.   The Micro-Fragrance Fogger is a smaller more compact version of the standard Fragrance Fogger. Utilizing the same delivery system and operating mechanism, the Micro provides the same results as the traditional Fragrance Fogger, but in a smaller version for to target birds in smaller areas.
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Fog Force TR & AR   Invisi-Fogger
Fog Force AR and TR provide the same effectiveness as traditional Fog Force methods, but in a can! AR and TR eliminate the need for expensive equipment.  If you have a small space, AR or TR might be for you!   The Invisi-Fogger is brand new!  We will have more information to come soon!
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