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Ongoing Control    
Avi-Haze   Bottle Blaster
Controlling birds in open spaces can be difficult, expensive and time consuming. The AviHaze nozzles have been generating bird deterrent haze since 1999. Fog Force, the hazing agent used in Avi Haze is thoroughly tested and is an environmentally safe way to expel nuisance birds from open spaces.   The same pneumatic performance of the Bird Blaster is now available in a smaller, lower cost option.  Utilizing the original container carrying Fog Force and any low cost source of compressed air, this method delivers Fog Force aerosols to any site, indoors or out, in any weather!
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Infused Air Engine    
Infused Air, I.A., is a technology invented for aerosol bird aversion. The active ingredient of RejeX-it Fog Force, Methyl Anthranilate, MA, is “infused” into an air stream. The permeated air stream is introduced to the site and the target birds through an open throat, or installed piping. The aerosol is delivered at ambient temperatures and low positive pressure.    
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