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InvisiDye is an ultra-violet (UV) dye- invisible to humans, but visible to birds.  When applied with Migrate, birds see the dye and begin to associate the InvisiDye's color with the undesirable effects of the bird repellent.  InvisiDye does no color, harm or affect lawns or crops.  Best of all, it is non-toxic for you, your crops and the birds too.

What is InvisiDye?
 InvisiDye is a non lethal avian training tool that when teamed with Migrate and other bird repellants, teaches geese and birds to avoid treated grass, plants and landscaping.  

How does InvisiDye work?
By Visually Training Birds to associate irritation with an area.
Geese and other birds can see ultra violet (UV) light waves (200-400nm) which allows them to see a portion of the light spectrum that is invisible to the human eye.

InvisiDye is only visible below 400mm.


Spectrum Image


Untreated Grass

Treated turf looks unchanged to the human eye.


Treated Grass
Birds see a clear difference in color, giving them a visual cue to ‘Stay Away’.

Who Uses InvisiDye?
Golf Courses, Horticulturalists, Home Owners, Property Management Firms, Lawn Care Companies...
Anyone who has a persistent bird problem such as geese or other birds which feed or roost in the same areas repeatedly.


When do I apply InvisiDye?
You should apply InvisiDye in combination with Migrate, Feather Duster and other avian repellants. This allows the geese and birds to immediately associate the repellency of the products with the color


Will InvisiDye alone deter geese and birds?
We have no studies showing grass, plants or landscaping treated with InvisiDye alone will deter feeding. InvisiDye is designed to be mixed with other nerve deterrents such as Migrate or other products containing Methyl Anthranilate and digestive deterrents such as Feather Duster.

How do I apply InvisiDye?
You simply mix InvisiDye into your spray tank with Migrate, Feather Duster or other avian repellants.

Does InvisiDye work on all birds?
InvisiDye can be seen by geese and any birds which can see between 200-400nm.

How long does InvisiDye last?
InvisiDye can be seen in the UV light spectrum for up to 2 weeks after application. However, InvisiDye does not translocate and new vegetative growth will not be covered.







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